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4th May 2007

Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful?

Hi Guys,

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up in the morning with the praise of God on your lips, the Sun of Righteousness shining in your face, and the very air so filled with His Presence that you can see, smell & touch it?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful the day television programmes shew forth the Glory of God? For scientists to come on the news and say, “We’ve discovered such & such, and we’re going to do this & that. Glory to God!”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful the day classrooms are filled with the glory of God? The Day children are nurtured in holy reverence for the Creator by teachers and parents who emanate God’s Life as an example for the kids to follow?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful when you turn on the radio and you hear the heavenly choir sing out with resplendent voices, “Hosanna! The Lord is worthy to be praised!”

Some may say, “But that’s boring. How am I going to ‘enjoy’ that?”

To which I answer, “You better get ready. The Kingdom of God is coming to a place near you!

You are free to continue with the “Guns & Roses”, “50 Cents”, and “Mills & Boon”. But these shall not be found in the City we seek. For all these are fading fast.

Till your heart aches for God’s Glory in every fibre of your being; till every cell that constitutes you is yearning for this change; till your chromosomes cry, “Father! You are all we need and desire!” – then are you beginning to prepare for this Way.

Voices resonate with clarity at this hour, “Behold He Cometh!”

But first must come the judgment on His House and then the nations.

Have you seen Him upon the White Horse?

Have you seen Him who is clothed with the majesty of Heaven?

Have you seen Him whom your heart continuously skips a beat? The One whom your soul longs for?

Ah Brethren: the Place you know, and the Way you know. John 14:4-6

Stay blessed,

Tony A.